Sunday, May 17, 2009


we'll be camping for the next two days, more posts when we return. :)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

rhubarb-strawberry custard pie

rhubarb-strawberry custard pie
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rhubarb-strawberry custard pie

rhubarb-strawberry custard pie
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this was delicious. The pie crust fell apart... I used a recipe Id never used before. I have also never made anything with the word "custard" in it. It was a bit too full for the plate and oozed sugar-egg-butter all over the oven which caused our whole apartment to become thick with sweet smoke. Then we thought it was done but realized the filling itself was sloshing. I re-checked the recipe and realized it needed to bake at 400 for 50-60 mins not 350 for 25 mins.

find the recipe here

What I learned:
1.) patience is very important with pastry
2.) recipes should actually be read and not skimmed, especially the first time
3.) never over-fill your pie shell/pan
4.) if you do, put tinfoil over the ENTIRE rack underneath your pie
5.) if you keep checking in you can usually rescue your projects...this turned out really well, we both had seconds. Probably my best pie yet.


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Couldn't resist this beautiful sunset. While the sun was setting I baked a pie from elsiemarley's blog

(see above)

potato scallop with relish

potato scallop 004
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Here it is served with that famous relish -so good in fact that neighbors who've received it as a gift eat it straight from the jar by the spoonful! Oh, I also added a sprinkle of salt, pepper, and oregano to the top of the scallop. If anybody tries this out, let me know how it goes!

dinner: potato scallop

potato scallop 001
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Tonight I made potato scallop for dinner. What's that? you ask. Well, I believe it's Irish and basically consists of layers of potatos, oinions, and then some milk on top till you can see it at the edges of the pan, butter dollops,sometimes cheese is added, or even cornflakes for topping. It's best if neglected for just over half an hour, see the burnt milk on my sad-looking pan? This actually makes it better.

I served it with some of our secret family recipe relish. I have not yet made this recipe, my mother and grandmother brought it from the east coast on their visit. I wonder if I don't have the recipe because they don't trust me yet.

It tastes A LOT better than it looks (the scallop) and hubby said "My gosh, this is good! Can I have more?" and I quote, more or less.


moccasin 001
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another view of the moccasin

sticky sinew

moccasin 2
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Here is the beginning of my first pair of moccasins. Hubby and I both received a kit for Christmas (thank you!), and after cutting out the pattern realized there was only a spindly beading needle included! We searched all over town and finally found a leather needle.

This was as much as I could do before taking a break, the sinew is sticky and the needle needs to be pushed and pulled at every stich. Seeing how I am labouring, I doubt hubby will attempt anymore and I will likely end up finishing them for him for next Christmas.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

what are these called again?

what are these called again?
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can't remember but they look how I wish I felt.

A truly drab day with wind that blew me down the sidewalk as I picked up the kids from school (not mine).

As much as I want to explore my new sewing machine, or continue making up the art of embroidery, I seem to end up just staring out the window, wishing today had been different

Monday, May 11, 2009

sad, confused garden?

I thought I knew something about gardening after living at an ecovillage for a few months as a teenager, and "helping" my mom out every year with hers. Turns out it's the tending and harvesting I know about, the planting I have very little clue. So true to my style I jumped in without doing much research. On their recent visit my mother and grandmother laughed until they almost peed their pants when they saw my carrots growing in a flat... I ended up transplanting carrot seedlings, peas, chamomile barely a millimetre long, mesculin mix, and broccoli. My grandmother inevitably asks how my garden is going and bursts into peals of laughter whenever she calls.

Laugh all you want, but some of those carrots and ALL the peas and broccoli have survived being scooped up by a spoon. I probably wouldn't plant them in flats again because by the time they were big enough to transplant their roots had grown sideways and tangled with each other, it was quite the delicate operation.

The plot of land we are using is not ideal. It's on the northish side of the house and doesn't get the most sun, plus the huge bushes soak up what's left, but I am glad to have any space at all. Here you see my pale tomato, one of the five varities I have. I have really no space for the 30 other tomatoes growing in four packs on my doorstep. Does anyone have any tips on growing millions of tomatoes in pots and in very little space?

And when the time comes I will need to learn how to can tomatoes and pasta sauce, no idea. Maybe I will also make our famous family relish. Photo coming soon I promise.

Ok here is my very first "envelope style" cushion cover. It's a bit crooked,I didn't measure anything, didn't have sewing shears or a pattern, but it works. What can I say, I was anxious to try my new-to-me and very first singer sewing machine.
Hmm somehow I ended up with two photos of strawberry plants and no sad tomato, still trying to understand this blog photo thing. No success trying to post from flickr, any tips?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

grilled asparagus panini

I'm experiencing a surge of creativity, and having been inspired by so many other peoples' craft blogs I thought I'd create one the hopes of inspiring someone else to live a more simple (or whatever other sentimental thing you can think of) life. I hope to get lots of tips and tricks because really, I have only a little know how about many things.
Here you see the sandwich I've been dreaming of since buying a cheese and garlic baguette yesterday. A "panini" with grilled asparagus, tomato, mesculin mix, and strong, "old" white cheddar... made complete by "Bubbie's" kosher pickles -the only pickles I eat.
Expect future posts to contain my adventures and discoveries with "medicinal" herbs, organic gardening, vegetarian cooking, and my attempts at sewing.
The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you,
don't go back to sleep