Saturday, May 16, 2009

rhubarb-strawberry custard pie

rhubarb-strawberry custard pie
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this was delicious. The pie crust fell apart... I used a recipe Id never used before. I have also never made anything with the word "custard" in it. It was a bit too full for the plate and oozed sugar-egg-butter all over the oven which caused our whole apartment to become thick with sweet smoke. Then we thought it was done but realized the filling itself was sloshing. I re-checked the recipe and realized it needed to bake at 400 for 50-60 mins not 350 for 25 mins.

find the recipe here

What I learned:
1.) patience is very important with pastry
2.) recipes should actually be read and not skimmed, especially the first time
3.) never over-fill your pie shell/pan
4.) if you do, put tinfoil over the ENTIRE rack underneath your pie
5.) if you keep checking in you can usually rescue your projects...this turned out really well, we both had seconds. Probably my best pie yet.

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