Sunday, May 10, 2009

grilled asparagus panini

I'm experiencing a surge of creativity, and having been inspired by so many other peoples' craft blogs I thought I'd create one the hopes of inspiring someone else to live a more simple (or whatever other sentimental thing you can think of) life. I hope to get lots of tips and tricks because really, I have only a little know how about many things.
Here you see the sandwich I've been dreaming of since buying a cheese and garlic baguette yesterday. A "panini" with grilled asparagus, tomato, mesculin mix, and strong, "old" white cheddar... made complete by "Bubbie's" kosher pickles -the only pickles I eat.
Expect future posts to contain my adventures and discoveries with "medicinal" herbs, organic gardening, vegetarian cooking, and my attempts at sewing.

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