Saturday, May 16, 2009

dinner: potato scallop

potato scallop 001
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Tonight I made potato scallop for dinner. What's that? you ask. Well, I believe it's Irish and basically consists of layers of potatos, oinions, and then some milk on top till you can see it at the edges of the pan, butter dollops,sometimes cheese is added, or even cornflakes for topping. It's best if neglected for just over half an hour, see the burnt milk on my sad-looking pan? This actually makes it better.

I served it with some of our secret family recipe relish. I have not yet made this recipe, my mother and grandmother brought it from the east coast on their visit. I wonder if I don't have the recipe because they don't trust me yet.

It tastes A LOT better than it looks (the scallop) and hubby said "My gosh, this is good! Can I have more?" and I quote, more or less.

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